The meaning of fun (part 1)

This will probably be one of the more disorganized posts here on the blog because I am mainly brain dumping here.

What is the meaning of fun?  In this specific case as it relates to gaming.  Being a gamer these days can often involve more that just playing games.  There are many, many different platforms to play and more games than anyone can keep up with, especially us adult-like people.  Then because of that there is the act of trying to decide what to play.  Or if something is “worth” your playing time.  I can honestly say I had been having fun just picking something up and then felt guilty because I wasn’t “making progress” in an RPG or adventure game and convinced myself I was wasting my time. Anyone else get the “Netflix” syndrome where you are staring at or browsing a menu for half the time trying to decide what you should do?

In this wild and often ridiculous world of constant distractions, stress and responsibility I think I can safely say I was very wrong when my brain told me I was wasting time.  If I was having fun, isn’t that all that matters?  Is it mine (or anyone elses?) job to quantify what fun to myself is?  And if I am doing that aren’t I just turning my “fun” into “work?”

How did it work when I was younger? I definitely played my fair share of games, both with friends and without. I don’t believe there was much thought or concern as to what I was doing. Our brains have a funny way of approaching situations as adults. Do you remember a time when you heard a child say something that was so completely “on the nose” that you laughed? “Kids say the darndest thing” right?!

Well children also have the unique innocent ability to view things without all of the ridiculous complications adults feel the need to put on everything. Do you think a child is wondering if playing this game is a worthwhile invest of their time and is weighing pros and cons endlessly? Of course not!

So pick up that game. Don’t think about it, just play. It’s all for fun right? Be a kid!